Now this is poetry!
It has that dimension which separates the poet from the writer of contrived, masquerading prose [poetry] and from the structured rhymer. Thank you Eureka Street for publishing what is, to me, real poetry written by a true rather than a confected poet. I will have to read more of this bloke, Peter Mitchell. John Frawley on "Blood cancer solidarity"
Reading this, and other poems by Peter Mitchell today, for the first time, has changed the tempo of my day. It has interrupted routine with reflection and taken me to places outside my office, a few of them ones where I'd rather not be. But all the same, I'm glad I took the trip as my brain feels clearer; I'm looking through different lens now for a while. I'm recommending folks read Peter's poem called Robinson Lookout Lismore and the one called Stone. Together with these treasures, it's been an amazing, and unexpected, interlude in my workday. Thank you.Melanie James on "Robinson's Lookout Lismore"
A magnificent conflagration of poetry and patriarchyMichele Seminara (Managing Editor, Verity La) on "Eyes as Fire"